Mold Making

We specialize in making silicone rubber molds. We can make a mold off of virtually any surface or material, whether it is clay, wood, plaster, plastic or even organic matter. Our detail reproduction is so precise that fingerprints or the smallest detail is not a problem.


Our castings are mostly polyurethane resins and foams which gives us the flexibility to cast items in the durometer shore A or shore D scales, which translates to bowling ball hard or bubble gum soft and any hardness in between. Foam casting allows us to cast large items and keep the weight low, which is great for Architectural Applications. We are also capable to cast in wax to set you up for the foundry process. If needed we will also cast in plaster or any gypsum product.

Design, Sculpture & Prototyping

Replica Masters will also design and sculpt your concept for you. We can take your idea and drawing then turn it into a 3 dimensional product that you can take to production.

Limited Production

We are a smaller company specializing in custom service and individual attention therefore we prefer to limit based on each individual job and need. Please feel free to contact us with your inquiry.

Restoration Services

Refurbishing and restoration of exterior or interior statuary is also something that can be handled by our experienced staff.

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